Mine Bitcoin For Free While Browsing the Web

Mine bitcoin while you browse.

Have you ever thought about mining Bitcoins but were put off by the high price of the mining equipment? There is actually an easy way to mine Bitcoin with any regular computer or tablet.

I want to share with you how I earn Bitcoin without investments. A while ago, I started to use the CryptoTab Browser. It is the only browser in the world that mines Bitcoins while you’re using it.

You Don’t Have to Understand Crypto in Order to Make Money

Now you don’t have to study blockchain theory or browse hundreds of websites to call yourself a crypto miner. You don’t even have to change your routines and web-searching habits. Thanks to the CryptoTab browser, you can now combine both activities. Surf the Net and mine Bitcoin in the background smoothly, easily, for free. It works simply: after the browser’s installed, your income will steadily grow depending on the amount of time spent online.

Mine While You Shop or Browse

While you shop, browse Facebook, read Twitter, look at pictures on Instagram or Pinterest, anything at all, you will be mining Bitcoin in the background. The CryptoTab browser is letting you grab Bitcoins while you use the internet daily. It has a built in mining feature that runs when the browser is open and it works just like the browser you are currently using. You can withdraw your haul anytime, and no further investments are required.

Earn Faster

Want to earn more, faster? Just tell your friends. CryptoTab offers an affiliate program that will give you a bonus for every amount mined by anyone you refer to the platform. Cloud Boost is also an option. For a small monthly fee you can secure your browsing to increase your mining by up to 1500% with the added benefit of a VPN.

Earn More

Do you have several computers or tablets sitting around idle? Start a mining farm and earn more from each device with CryptoTab. The setup is simple and everything is manageable from a single interface.

Bitcoin Mining is Finally Available to Everyone

CryptoTab has made Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone. Even the most technologically disadvantaged can make crypto profits simply by browsing the internet. You can even earn while you sleep by just leaving the browser open to use extra CPU cycles that were going to be wasted anyway.

Have the peace of mind with added security

CryptoTab comes with built in security for your web browsing. Protection from bots, malware, and hijacking are built in for no cost at all.