How To Support A Charity With Your Credit Card

For people who are organized and careful, using a credit card can be a good way of managing debt and handling spending. And there are other advantages that can make credit card use even more appealing.

Many credit cards can now be used to contribute to people’s favourite charities. This means they can spend as usual, secure in the knowledge that they are also contributing to a good cause.

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How Charity Credit Cards Work

The way charity credit cards work is simple. Every time people spend on the card, the card issuer gives a proportion of their spending to the chosen charity. The charitable donation can range from 0.25% of the amount spent on purchases to 1% or more, depending on the card chosen and the particular deal. The amount donated may increase if spending goes over a certain threshold.

Many card companies also offer a one-off donation when the card is first issued. Again, this sum can vary considerably depending on the card chosen. There are also rewards for using the card within a set period and for continuing to use the card over months and years.

Some credit cards contribute to specific charities and are branded with the name of that charity. There are also credit cards that allow card holders to nominate the charity their donations will go to.

Other Incentives

Having a charity credit card does not mean giving up on some of the other incentives new credit card holders normally get. Many charity cards offer 0% interest free periods on balance transfers for up to nine months. Some also offer 0% on spending for a certain period. Others offer a fixed low interest rate. People can shop around for the best incentives and still make a charitable contribution. Standard interest rates for charity credit cards have the same range as normal cards, ranging from below 9% to over 17%.


What Charities Can I Support?

There are many charity cards available, supporting a wide range of charitable causes. These include cards supporting animals, diabetes, cancer and a wide range of medical conditions, charities to assist in natural disasters, etc. Charities always need more cash to support the work that they do. Using a charity credit card means that people can help their chosen charities while doing what they would have done anyway.

How Else Can I Help My Charity?

Another strategy that credit card holders can use is to choose a credit card that offers a cash back facility. This means that holders get a percentage of their spending as cash at the end of a given period. This is usually once a year, often on the anniversary of taking out the card. Cash back percentages can be quite high, depending on the level of spending. Organized borrowers can spend on their cards and donate the cash back reward to charity as well. This is another good option for lending support to a favourite charity.

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