Accepting Business Credit Cards

Image of a person handing a credit card to another person to make a purchase

Businesses today are most often making use of business credit cards to conduct transactions, both as vendors and as buyers. Despite this, there are still a number of vendors who do not accept business credit cards from their business clientele. The truth of the matter is, that if such a vendor wishes to achieve higher trading volumes and increase its client base, accepting business credit cards changes from being an optional, to a must.

Accounts receivable is not only a nasty trap, but also creates a vicious cycle. Vendors that do not accept business credit cards often agree to extend credit to their clients. This takes the form of a bill-them-later situation. You perform a service or provide a product then bill the client for payment due at a later date. Although this may be a necessary business practice, it does place unnecessary strain on the business’ finances. By accepting business credit cards, you can retain your clients and mitigate your cash flow risk at the same time.

Boost Your Sales

When your clients are in a position to purchase what they want immediately, most of them will. When they make that immediate purchase, your sales are boosted. A simple browse – either in your store or on your web site – may turn into a profitable visit if you enable your clients to make payments with their business credit cards.

Bolster Your Cash Flow

Many merchants who do not have sufficient cash flow with which to support growth, may be victims of high accounts receivables. One of the quickest ways to free your business from this trap is to start accepting business credit cards. Stop billing your clients and start billing their banks instead! When you accept business credit cards, the revenue from the sale will reach your bottom line much sooner than accounts receivables would.

Gain Control of your Business Debt

Put Smiles on Your Clients’ Faces

Clients obtained their business credit cards for a variety of reasons and will want to use them. Don’t allow your clients to find alternative suppliers purely because your business is not able to process business credit card transactions. When business clients are searching for a supplier, and they want to pay by means of their business credit cards, they will search until they find a supplier who does. Accepting business credit cards places you in the running for their business – and that is a good place to be!

Put Smiles on Your Financial Staff’s Faces

Your accounting department will be very happy when you decide to accept business credit cards as payment for purchases. They will be freed from the hassles of paperwork and the headaches of collecting all your accounts receivables on time. If one compares the collection of outstanding accounts from many of different clients to collecting from the relatively few merchant services that issue business credit cards, the latter is a walk in the park.

Accepting business credit cards may be necessary to enhance and grow the business relationship you enjoy with your clients. It affords your clients the opportunity to make use of their preferred method of payment and liberates you from the accounts receivable trap at the same time.

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