Credit Card Fraud

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Are you worried about your credit or debt card being stolen? You’re not alone! Around 51% of people in the US worry about their credit and debt card information falling in to the wrong hands. Credit card fraud is a consent worry. With more people using their cards as their main source of paying for services and goods, it gives the criminals many more chances too get our information from our cards.

Credit card fraud is not new. Every time the card companies seem to be getting ahead on how to stop the criminals, a new way to scam people or steal information is developed. It’s a never-ending problem. It used to be you only had to worry of you physically lost you card or it was stolen. Now you have to worry about skimming (when a criminal copies the info from the magnetic strip on your card), identity theft, and data breeches at retailers among other things. The companies are trying hard to fight back. They have hit back most recently with the chip and PIN cards, which seems to be reducing fraud, but give it time. No doubt the criminals will find a way around that soon.

There are ways to help yourself with credit and debt card fraud. Below are some useful tips in keeping the criminals at bay:

  • Never let your credit or debt card out of your sight
  • Never keep your PIN with your card
  • Don’t give your PIN out to anyone
  • When withdrawing money from an ATM, make sure no one can see your PIN
  • Check bank statements very carefully any problems contact bank immediately
  • Paying for goods with your card? Double check the amount before entering PIN
  • Keep your check book and cards separate at all times
  • Report your lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Make sure you destroy statements and old cards properly, leaving no account numbers visible

The tips above will help you to fight credit or debt card fraud but we have to be vigilant. Every time you use your card, criminals have opportunities to get our information. With online shopping becoming more and more popular, a lot of us worry about paying for goods over the net. Credit card companies are trying to put our minds at rest. Most cards come with fraud coverage included at no cost. Some do charge extra so check with each of your banks. If you do determine you have been the victim of fraud, report it right away.

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